About Us

My wife Giselle and I set up =Results 12 years ago because we’d grown tired of hearing trainers make outlandish claims, like promising a six-pack for summer or the figure of a supermodel after a few weeks.

In the gyms where we worked as personal trainers, we saw the same sad cycle repeat itself time and again. Clients would start their get-fit programme highly motivated by the unrealistic promises they’d been given.

Initially, they’d train as often as they could, perhaps 6 days a week. Then slowly but surely, when the transformation didn’t happen, they trained less and less and eventually stopped.

Oddly enough, some of these clients would return months later to find another trainer who would promise massive results, and the boom-and-bust cycle would start again.

We wanted to break the cycle and instead promote a sustainable approach to fitness. Having a distinct ‘end’ goal to exercise seemed like a crazy concept to us.

So we decided to create our own space where we could train people to be fit and strong so they could deal better with the everyday challenges of life — having a career, taking care of the family, staying healthy. As a valuable side effect, our clients lost weight, reduced their body fat, and looked more toned. But the focus was always on achieving inner fitness not outer cosmetic results.

Everything about =Results reflects the fact that consistency beats intensity. Clients who trained 6 days a week gave up after a month. In effect, they were active for 10% of the year and inactive for 90%. In contrast, clients who trained 2 or 3 times a week, were far more likely to stay with their programme and achieve a level of sustainable fitness.

When we introduced the idea of 30-minute sessions, the drop out rate reduced to almost zero. We designed the sessions so they gave clients a top to bottom workout involving all the major muscle groups, combining strength-building exercises with cardio activities. A couple of years after launching our 30-minute workouts, the scientific benefits of so-called HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) became widely publicised.

Today, it's beyond doubt that regular 30-minute sessions are the most efficient and convenient way to maintain fitness.

Our aim is to make the whole process of exercising with us as seamless as possible so your routine remains uninterrupted. That’s why our packages auto-renew, it’s why we’ve partnered with Theragun to make rehab and recovery more effective, too. And it’s why we’re introducing a brand new app to make booking and managing your account even simpler.