15 July, 2020

Serious about Sustainable Fitness

Has There Ever Been A Greater Need To Get Serious About Fitness.

The virus crisis has reminded us all just how crucial being fit is. But getting fit is one thing. Staying fit is another. Getting fit is a short term project. (Like going on a diet.) Staying fit is a long term undertaking that needs to be embedded in your lifestyle along with your other commitments.

The bottom line is that to stay fit you need to do at least 30 minutes of demanding exercise three times a week. Every week.

Now, let’s get real. How on earth are you going to maintain that regularity and make sure you exercise with enough effort? How are you going to even find the time? Here’s one way.

Build the core of your sustainable fitness regime around regular pre-booked personal training sessions at your nearest Equals Results studio. It’s the most convenient, efficient and enjoyable way to get at least one or two (much better) of your three-a-week ‘doses’ of exercise.

Each 30 minute session gives you a total body workout, across all the muscle groups, combining resistance, cardio-vascular and mobility exercises. And with the studio within walking distance, and no hanging around reception and changing rooms you can leave home and be back home within an hour.

Training can be boring. That’s why we’ve designed sessions that keep you interested from start to finish. You switch activities every few minutes, moving from a piece of equipment like the running machine to a boxing session and then some weights. Your personal trainer will also vary the exercises from week to week to keep you from losing interest.

During lockdown, we've been offering our usual 30-minute sessions live online. The sessions are personalised taking into consideration all the aspects your trainer usually does include but not limited to injuries, likes and dislikes, intensity. If you have any home equipment we incorporate that too otherwise body weight does easily suffice.

Our facilities fully open on Saturday 25 July and we've put COVID-19 protocols in place. We’ve got a brand new website and app, which makes booking and accessing your account info even easier. And we’ve been developing new exercises to add even more variety to your workouts. Plus we’ve teamed up with Theragun, the world leaders in percussive therapy, so we can now offer highly effective injury prevention and recovery on the spot.

We're dedicated and excited to welcome you back to the Equals Results studios.

All the best,

Browne & The Equals Results Team