Percussive therapy massage

We have partnered with Theragun by Therabody, founders and world-leaders in this exciting field of percussive therapy. All trainers have been trained by Theragun University integrating Theragun’s percussive therapy devices into each session. With master trainers in over 12 countries, Theragun University delivers certification courses in-person and through digital online classes. All trainers will continue on-going education courses to become fully trained in Percussive Therapy.

Official partner.

Percussive therapy is the latest innovation in this space and is more effective than any alternative because of the combination of scientifically-calibrated 16mm amplitude (60% greater than the average vibration massager) and 2400 percussion per minute frequency. It is an all-natural and pill-free recovery tool developed to quickly improve your overall health and wellness, and mobility. Compared to other recovery modalities, the versatility of percussive therapy makes it for everybody. It can be used before exercise to increase blood flow and mobility, after exercise as a recovery tool, or just at home regularly to ease aches and tightness.

You can book a Theragun 30-minute massage before or after your workout or as a totally separate appointment. Each appointment is deducted from your prepaid package in the same way as your personal training sessions.